Components for the production of grave candles

We offer a full range of plastic elements for candles. Caps and stands in various sizes, and applications for candles. Sticked or in the form of a clip to the stand. This is an effective way to decorate a simple candle and give it character.

Tubes and cups for candle inserts

Our offer includes various cups for candle inserts. Designed to fit most candles, ensure a stable flame and protection from wind. They are produced using the blowing method and are subject to quality control.

Cathedrals and grave lanterns

Cathedrals, and lanterns are a separate group of candles. Most often, it is a plastic body around a glass candle. Often given to him “baroque” style. We produce cathedrals in three sizes and dozens of designs. They are designed to be easy to install, stable and suitable for various types of glass.

Snail traps

Designed for monitoring and catching snails in gardens and agricultural areas. It does not contain harmful chemicals that pose a threat to humans and animals.

Protects approx 20 m²